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Infrared Enhancer Modality Head (PHIT)


Bio-Resonance Vial Cap Included. For advanced Skin Care, Pain Relief, Muscle Strain, and More. The Infrared Enhancer Modality Head (PHIT) works great as a photo-therapy device PLUS it performs frequency activation of Arcturus Star skin care products along with other transdermal nutrient creams.


For advanced Skin Care, Pain Relief, Muscle Strain, and More. The Infrared Enhancer works great as photo-therapy PLUS it performs frequency activation of our skin care products along with other transdermal nutrient creams.

The Infrared Enhancer Head has been engineered to enhance your wellness and beauty needs for many years to come. It is designed to stimulate cellular energy with an extremely low frequency, including the enhancement of applied topical nutrition. It uses infrared light energy. The Infrared Enhancer Head has a customized light array that contains 8 infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes) and one red LED that creates the red light you can see. The near infrared apply intense photon therapy into the skin. The human eye cannot see infrared, so the other LEDs will not appear to light up.

The Infrared Enhancer Head Pulses at low frequencies researched for their benefits in opening lymph channels moving topical nutrition into the dermis. The unit may be used without creams, too, for general purposes. Raw skin or minor injuries may be addressed, too, with just the light. It is highly effective by itself but is designed to open pores with vibrational energy and allow molecules in transdermal creams to enter the dermis. The vial holder allows for experimentation in bio-resonance therapy. For advanced Skin Care, Pain Relief, Muscle Strain, Naturopathic Applications of the use of the energetic signals of herbs, homeopathics, etc.

While using, hold the LIGHT ARRAY about one inch above the skin. You may safely touch the skin occasionally while using it. Run the head in a circular motion while using (one to five minutes per area).

You can place the IR Enhancer flat against an area of concern for 1 minute (crow’s feet, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, smile lines, the neck, etc.) Use over joints and muscles after exertion is desirable. Hold over the area for one to three rounds for relief. The healing energy will work on the area over night for improvements, too, if immediate relief wears off in an hour. Repeat often for injuries.

Animals, too, may require only one to two rounds of 4 minutes of use. Try it for injuries, chronic pain, or other nutritional cream protocols. One report says that horses prefer the lights to be 12 inches away from the skin.

Quote on the Infrared Enhancer:

This amazing modality uses near infrared and low- level sound waves to amplify the resonant frequency of any substance you choose to work with, allowing the client to reap the benefit of that substance without ingesting it or using it topically. This can be used for very sensitive people, people with allergies, and with expensive or hard to find substances, or to amplify a substance already on the skin to make it even more effective. This modality can also be used to “charge” crystals, oils, and any other tools the practitioner uses as a way to enhance their properties or clear them.” A. Anzaldi


One-year warranty on therapy heads.

PHIT System

PHIT™ is an acronym which stands for Photo Harmonic Induction Therapy, and is a proprietary term for a unique frequency delivery method from Arcturus Star.  Arcturus Star offers several PHIT modalities ideal for various uses. There are currently four PHIT modalities that are offered.

The Four PHIT Modalities

There are four PHIT modalities currently offered. They are commonly referred to as “heads” as each modality is constructed as a corded end piece based on specific electronic components and operational features. The cord of the head is plugged into the Arcturus Star product.

  1. Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head™
  2. Pulsing Magnetic Head™
  3. Infrared Enhancer Head™ – with Bioresonance Vial Holder Attachment
  4. The Crystal LymphWaves™ Hi-Intensity Photo Therapy

Arcturus Star Products that offer the PHIT System

  • Aria LET Elite System® (two PHIT ports)
  • Lymphstar Pro Fusion® (two PHIT ports)
  • PHIT Modality System® (for stand-alone use with PHIT Modality Heads, two PHIT ports)

About Arcturus Star

In 1998, the Arcturus Star Company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine for health and wellness. Engaging with serious illness provided Arcturus Star their passion for working with today’s chronic health challenges and pioneered therapeutic technologies focused on the lymphatic system, a key component of the immune system. Over the past two decades, thousands of holistic practitioners and home users have contributed to the evolution of their technology. Arcturus Star features a wide array of lymphatic therapeutic devices. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics, and clinical researchers worldwide.