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Lymphstar Pro Fusion® Therapy Instrument (LET+PHIT)


The Lymphstar Pro Fusion Instrument is the first product of its kind which combines our flagship product — the Lymphstar Pro® LET Lymphatic Therapy Instrument — with the PHIT Fusion System that supports different electromagnetic therapy modalities.


The Lymphstar Pro Fusion Instrument is the first product of its kind which combines our flagship product — the Lymphstar Pro® LET Lymphatic Therapy Instrument — with the PHIT Fusion System that supports different electromagnetic therapy modalities.

Due to the exclusive “combination” innovation from Arcturus Star, The Lymphstar Pro Fusion is our most popular product for a professional setting. It is used by thousands of people worldwide.

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion® instrument is truly versatile: It can operate as a fully-functional Lymphstar Pro system, as well as combine with other energetic modalities – phototherapy, pain therapy, esthetics and more – all from one control system called the PHIT modalities. With PHIT modalities, there are 4 options to add as you need. The PHIT modalities can be used along with the Lymphatic treatments or used separately depending on your patient’s needs.

— On the unit’s right side, there are two (2) ports for plugging in PHIT Modalities. These modalities are called the Fusion – PHIT Modality Heads. PHIT modalities can either be used along with the Lymphstar treatment portion or may be used separately. PHIT modality heads, sold separately, can be used to customize this system for your practice. Currently there are four PHIT modalities. More options may be added in the future.

— On the unit’s left side, there is a Lymphstar Pro with the jacks and controls for the LET heads.  The LET system enhances detoxification of the body by improving lymphatic circulation.

FDA Registered

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion®  is an FDA registered device. Classification Name Massager, Therapeutic, Electric device, Product Code ISA, Device Class 1.

What your purchase includes

Base unit, two (2) LET therapy Heads, power supply, soft carry bag, DVDs, power supply and User Guide & Manual. Optional bulbs are available.


Two-year warranty on base unit and one-year warranty on therapy heads.

Optional PHIT Modality Head Options (sold separately):

1. Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head™

2. Infrared Enhancer Head with Bio-Resonance Vial Cap

3. Pulsing Magnetic Head™

4. The Crystal LymphWaves™ Photo-Harmonic Low – Level Laser System

LET Technology

What is LET Technology?

Lymphatic Therapy Instrument, or LET, technology applies a unique combination of energetic modalities:

— Physical vibration with low frequency sound waves

— An electro-static energy field (EEF), and

— Dynamic wave pulses (DWP) that create harmonics and additional pressure waves.

The lymphatic vessels resonate with these energies due as the nerves around lymph vessels are energized. The result is a profound release of excess fluid, toxins, excess ions and biofilms present within the tissues and organs drained by the lymph system.

LET Units offer several layers of electromagnetic energies that can assist with the release of interstitial toxins thus, helping with pain and acceleration of local healing. Also, a deeper view of the lymphatic system considers that the components of this body system also comprise the immune system. Thus, LET may assist the immune functions.

This makes the Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) Instruments much more effective than manual lymph therapy alone and a breakthrough for practitioners in multiple professions.

The LET Therapeutic System Accelerates Lymphatic Drainage For Tissue Detoxification Applications

PHIT System

PHIT™ is an acronym which stands for Photo Harmonic Induction Therapy, and is a proprietary term for a unique frequency delivery method from Arcturus Star.  Arcturus Star offers several PHIT modalities ideal for various uses. There are currently four PHIT modalities that are offered.

The Four PHIT Modalities

There are four PHIT modalities currently offered. They are commonly referred to as “heads” as each modality is constructed as a corded end piece based on specific electronic components and operational features. The cord of the head is plugged into the Arcturus Star product.

  1. Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head™
  2. Pulsing Magnetic Head™
  3. Infrared Enhancer Head™ – with Bioresonance Vial Holder Attachment
  4. The Crystal LymphWaves™ Hi-Intensity Photo Therapy

Arcturus Star Products that offer the PHIT System

  • Aria LET Elite System® (two PHIT ports)
  • Lymphstar Pro Fusion® (two PHIT ports)
  • PHIT Modality System® (for stand-alone use with PHIT Modality Heads, two PHIT ports)

About Arcturus Star

In 1998, the Arcturus Star Company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine for health and wellness. Engaging with serious illness provided Arcturus Star their passion for working with today’s chronic health challenges and pioneered therapeutic technologies focused on the lymphatic system, a key component of the immune system. Over the past two decades, thousands of holistic practitioners and home users have contributed to the evolution of their technology. Arcturus Star features a wide array of lymphatic therapeutic devices. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics, and clinical researchers worldwide.

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