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Disease Prevention

There is an explosion of new techniques and technologies being developed right now. It makes for both exciting as well as challenging times.

Life Extension

New technologies include those which prevent disease, extend lifespan, and assist to manage episodic and chronic pain.

Pain Management

Through research, education, outreach, collaboration, development of alliances, effective marketing, and sales, IRG Medical creates a unique marketplace and practical learning environment that enables patients and medical personnel alike to discover innovative medical technologies.

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Through development of strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders, IRG Medical creates a innovative marketplace of  breakthrough medical technologies, thereby fostering empowerment of health and wellness for medical providers and patients alike.

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Our sports medicine and therapies clinics have developed a fantastic alliance with IRG Medical. We are able to learn about new products on the market that assist our elite athletes to strengthen, relieve pain, and reach their maximum performance levels. 

Dr. M. Sheps

Los Angeles, California

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for amazing health consultation today. I have signed up for 4 more sessions so that I can get my grandfather’s health affairs in order. I truly feel that with your guidance, we are making more informed choices with our doctors regarding his health. We are so grateful that we met you, Frank!

Shari Tasakuma

San Diego, California

I attended your CBD seminar in summer. Thank you for all the great information that you provided during the lecture. I really appreciate the list of Youtube videos that you provided, and the best list of equipment to use to make it. 

Sal E

Los Angeles, California