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See how portable wireless ultrasound technology can help your practice and patients alike

Using Medical Intelligence to Thrive

Disease Prevention – Life Extension – Pain Management

There is an explosion of new techniques and technologies being developed right now.

This makes for both exciting as well as challenging times.

New technologies include those which diagnose disease, prevent disease, treat disease, extend lifespan, and assist to manage episodic and chronic pain.

Through research, education, outreach, collaboration, development of alliances, effective marketing and sales, IRG Medical creates a unique marketplace and practical learning environment

 The marketplace and learning environment fostered by IRG Medical enables patients and medical personnel alike to discover innovative medical technologies.

Using Medical Intelligence to Thrive

Through development of strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders, IRG Medical creates an innovative marketplace of breakthrough medical technologies, thereby fostering empowerment of health and wellness for medical providers and patients alike.

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