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World’s leading clinical wireless ultrasound since 2014.

Healcerion USA specializes in Point-of-Care handheld wireless ultrasound solutions for healthcare providers, military, and philanthropic organizations around the world.

Founded in 2003, Healcerion places a high value on operating with speed and integrity.

Healcerion products are the first choice for all handheld wireless ultrasound needs.

SONON - Ultrasound products for primary care

Introducing SONON, an innovative mobile ultrasound solution from Healcerion.

Two models available

SONON 300C Series Convex probe

SONON 300L Series Linear probe


SONON handheld ultrasound devices are especially designed for primary care physicians to provide high quality ultrasound care at one tenth the price of traditional ultrasound equipment.

From musculoskeletal scanning to OBGYN care, SONON provides high-quality imaging quick and accurate diagnosis leading to better healthcare and increased comfort for patients.

Each device weighs less than 1 pound and provides up to 3 hours of continuous scanning.


Affordable, wireless, high quality imaging

Each devise weights only one pound and and provides up to 3 hours of continuous scanning.

DICOM and PACS compatible

Ensure privacy compliance every step of the way.

Compatible with almost any iOS or Android device

Simply download the app onto your device and get up and running in a matter of minutes.

3 Steps to Start Scanning


Download the Healcerion App

The Healcerion App is available both on iOS and Android



Ready to Scan

SONON offers DICOM compatibility and provides image sending directly to your PACS server

Compact Design

SONON fits right in your hand and easily in your pocket. Under one pound, SONON’s portability allows you to scan everywhere you go.

Wireless Connectivity

SONON has no cords or wires, making it easy to carry and connect to iOS and Android devices.

Compatible with PACS

By supporting DICOM, SONON is designed to store, manage and transfer images securely through PACS server.

Long Battery Endurance

SONON offers one of the longest scanning times among handheld ultrasound devices: it provides up to 3 hours of continuous scanning with up to 12 hours of standby mode.

Linear (300L)
  • Frequency : 5, 7.5 and 10MHz
  • 370g with Battery
  • Max. Depth : 10cm
  • Dimensions : 78 x 229 x 38mm
  • Imaging Mode : B Mode / Color Mode
  • Field of View : 4cm
Convex (300C)
  • Frequency : 3.5 MHz only
  • 390g with Battery
  • Max. Depth : 20cm
  • Dimensions : 78 x 219 x 38mm
  • Imaging Mode : B Mode
  • Field of View : 58.2º
  • Type : Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Capacity : 2600 mAh
  • Charging Time : 3Hours (Full)
  • Battery Life: 3 Hours (scan), 12 Hours (standby)

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