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Lymphstar® LET Three Bulb Set with Case


Three (3) LET Bulbs: One (1) standard, One (1) flat, and One (1) Acupoint bulb. A $675.00 value if bulbs are purchased separately. Comes with a protective carry case.


Three (3) LET Bulbs with a protective carry case. A $675.00 value if bulbs are purchased separately.

1. Standard Bulb: The standard head used for all general body therapy applications, over the larger body areas for sweeping the belly, stroking large muscles, etc.; and for resting in place over or in the Axilla (armpits), Inguinal area (groin), or cisterna chili (below the breastbone).

2. Flat bulb: Perfect for Facial & Scalp areas, leaving over the terminus (collarbone lymph drains); Use one head only plugged in for intense energy from this bulb; especially good over trigger points, sweeping on muscles at painful sights, over joints, on the hands and feet for reflexology. Use conducting gel/serum and crèmes for facial work. Please see manual for proper use with crèmes.

3. Acupoint bulb: Use for facial work on the acupuncture points, stroking cheeks, under the jaw, and areas around the nose and eyes; Also used anywhere on the body over acupoints as a tool to stimulate or sedate the points; excellent for the outer ear for auricular acupuncture; release the reflexology points and excellent between fingers and toes for the reflexology and a parasympathetic response; also used on trigger points. Excess pressure is not needed for reflex and trigger point work, as the LET energy performs the release of energy and toxins.

What your purchase includes

One (1) standard, One (1) flat, and One (1) Acupoint bulb. Includes protective carry case.


One-year warranty on therapy heads.

LET Technology

Lymphatic Therapy Instrument, or LET, technology applies a unique combination of energetic modalities:

— Physical vibration with low frequency sound waves

— An electro-static energy field (EEF), and

— Dynamic wave pulses (DWP) that create harmonics and additional pressure waves.

The lymphatic vessels resonate with these energies due as the nerves around lymph vessels are energized. The result is a profound release of excess fluid, toxins, excess ions and biofilms present within the tissues and organs drained by the lymph system.

LET Units offer several layers of electromagnetic energies that can assist with the release of interstitial toxins thus, helping with pain and acceleration of local healing. Also, a deeper view of the lymphatic system considers that the components of this body system also comprise the immune system. Thus, LET may assist the immune functions.

This makes the Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) Instruments much more effective than manual lymph therapy alone and a breakthrough for practitioners in multiple professions.

The LET Therapeutic System Accelerates Lymphatic Drainage For Tissue Detoxification Applications

Professional Settings and Applications Where LET™ is used

• Athletic Trainers
• Chiropractic
• Holistic Dentists
• Hospital Rehabilitation Centers
• Immune Syndromes
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Integrative Medical Clinics
• Integrative Oncology
• Lymphedema Therapy
• Manipulation Therapies
• Medical Aesthetics

• Massage Practices
• Naturopathic Clinics
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Plastic Surgery
• Post Cancer Therapy
• Pre-/Post-Surgery
• Reconstruction Surgery
• Sports Medicine
• Stress Relief

About Arcturus Star

In 1998, the Arcturus Star Company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine for health and wellness. Engaging with serious illness provided Arcturus Star their passion for working with today’s chronic health challenges and pioneered therapeutic technologies focused on the lymphatic system, a key component of the immune system. Over the past two decades, thousands of holistic practitioners and home users have contributed to the evolution of their technology. Arcturus Star features a wide array of lymphatic therapeutic devices. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics, and clinical researchers worldwide.

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