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Crystal LymphWaves High-intensity Photo Therapy Head (PHIT)


The only phototherapy using Coherent Light (Low Level Laser) and Non-Coherent Light (LED) simultaneously, within a unique lens, modulated by harmonic frequencies.


The Only Phototherapy Using Coherent Light (Low Level Laser) and Non-Coherent Light (LED) Simultaneously, within a Unique Lens, Modulated by Harmonic Frequencies

Acute and Chronic Pain

  • Scar Tissue
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Regeneration for Injuries, Surgeries, & Wound Healing
  • Fibrocystic Breasts
  • Facial Procedures
  • Post Dental Procedures

Our newest therapeutic instrument, the Crystal LymphWaves High-Intensity Photo Therapy Head is the latest in an evolution of unique light technologies designed by Arcturus Star Products. The Crystal LymphWaves has been engineered to provide the most advanced features available in the field of photo-biology and vibrational energy technology. It combines the use of coherent, multi-chromatic non-coherent light (LEDs), and a patented delivery system that is like no other. Add a powerful tool to your practice that will expand your therapeutic success!

The CLW is used for “local treatment” for injuries, wounds, and resistant fibrous tissue, including scars, cysts, lymph nodes as well as edema and other decongestive applications; & as advanced treatment for pain management. It may also be used as a “reflective” treatment on acupuncture points. Use it with any zone therapy that utilizes the meridian system. It is also very effective as a Photo Face – Lift when used over the acupoints of the face and neck.

Try it for acute and chronic pain, scars, injuries, wound healing, advancing lymphatic decongestion, accelerated healing and regeneration in skincare, and for animal applications such as equine rehabilitation for injuries.

When combined with LET Lymphatic drainage prior to treatment, it provides the world’s most complete Photo-Biological Healing Technology.

Crystal LymphWaves Quote:

“This cold laser/harmonic light uses incoherent light frequencies in red, blue, and white and low-level sound waves to address deep-seated concerns such as internal adhesive scar tissue, lipomas, infections, and non-cancerous cysts, as well as heavily congested lymphatic regions. The light emitted can be aimed and adjusted to achieve specific depths into the tissue to address these concerns in a gentle but very effective way. The client may feel some subtle pressure during the session, and energized afterwards.”


One-year warranty on therapy heads.

PHIT System

PHIT™ is an acronym which stands for Photo Harmonic Induction Therapy, and is a proprietary term for a unique frequency delivery method from Arcturus Star.  Arcturus Star offers several PHIT modalities ideal for various uses. There are currently four PHIT modalities that are offered.

The Four PHIT Modalities

There are four PHIT modalities currently offered. They are commonly referred to as “heads” as each modality is constructed as a corded end piece based on specific electronic components and operational features. The cord of the head is plugged into the Arcturus Star product.

  1. Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head™
  2. Pulsing Magnetic Head™
  3. Infrared Enhancer Head™ – with Bioresonance Vial Holder Attachment
  4. The Crystal LymphWaves™ Hi-Intensity Photo Therapy

Arcturus Star Products that offer the PHIT System

  • Aria LET Elite System® (two PHIT ports)
  • Lymphstar Pro Fusion® (two PHIT ports)
  • PHIT Modality System® (for stand-alone use with PHIT Modality Heads, two PHIT ports)

About Arcturus Star

In 1998, the Arcturus Star Company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine for health and wellness. Engaging with serious illness provided Arcturus Star their passion for working with today’s chronic health challenges and pioneered therapeutic technologies focused on the lymphatic system, a key component of the immune system. Over the past two decades, thousands of holistic practitioners and home users have contributed to the evolution of their technology. Arcturus Star features a wide array of lymphatic therapeutic devices. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics, and clinical researchers worldwide.