The Portable Wireless Ultrasound Your Practice Needs – Special Ends 12/31/2019
Special Offer: Buy or lease a brand new Sonon 300L Wireless Hand-held Ultrasound by Healcerion. Offer good through December 31, 2019. While supplies last.
Two Ways to Expand Your Practice: Hand-held Wireless Ultrasound
Option 1: Sonon 300L $6497
Option 2: Sonon 300L plus Samsung S4 Tab S4 $7197
Offer Ends December 31, 2019
Sonon 300L in action
Why Invest in Ultrasound: 4 Great Reasons
Main Applications Available with Sonon 300L
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Why Healcerion and IRG Medical are the right choice for you.
Recognized as the world's leading wireless Point of Care Ultrasound company, Healcerion introduced the world's first FDA approved wireless hand-held Ultrasound in 2014 and is a world leader in Wireless Ultrasound AI development. Healcerion's excellent reputation for product quality, award winning innovation and outstanding education and support are all included with every purchase, which makes Healcerion the best cost of ownership value for independent practitioners. We offer guidance in all areas including initial skill training, financing and how to maximize customer education and engagement. We encourage you to take advantage of our partner financing that enables you to realize rapid ROI (sometimes in as little as 2 months) with ultrasound billing and reimbursement advice and even zero down financing. With partners like IRG Medical Inc. and Healcerion, you buy a capability, not just a product.
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