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Sonon 300L Linear Wireless Handheld Ultrasound


Wireless handheld ultrasound is the ultimate in Patient Point of Care that can improve patient outcomes, increase your practice’s ROI, and improve patient engagement.


Handheld wireless Point of Care is now considered the “new stethoscope of medicine”: Ultrasound is fast becoming the standard of care for patient screening and guided injections.

Improve Patient Outcomes

The Sonon 300L allows your team to clearly see the normal versus abnormal underlying structures, enabling more detailed, accurate diagnosis and treatment that leads to improved patient outcomes.

Increase Revenue

By integrating ultrasound into your practice, you will grow your revenue stream and invest in your future. A typical small practice will see an ROI within 2-6 months.

Improve Patient Engagement

Ultrasound allows your patients the opportunity to experience an “up close and personal” view of how their body works. This enables your practitioners to educate patients on their condition and physically see the pathology if one exists, which will potentially increase engagement and motivation to following treatment regimes.

Unlimited Online Support

You are buying a capability, not just a product. Our highly experienced and qualified MSK Sonography instructors can help with online and onsite training options.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs

Main Applications

Leasing Options

Financing is available, and there are different options.

  • Zero percent interest 12-month payment plan for qualified credit
  • No money down 90-day deferred payment available.
  • Up to 35% tax savings Section 179


Please contact Frank Mancini toll free at 877-458-4868 extension 5001 or email orders@irg.com.

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